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I update this page with outfits I've worn (when I feel like taking pictures of them, which is only occasionally).



21 . september . 2021

Blouse: MAM
Skirt: BTSSB
Necklace: AAtP

Wearing a tank top over a blouse... IDK, is it weird? Not sure... Gotta love the cursed picture taken by my partner.

Listening to: Eths - Adonaï




09 . august . 2021

Blouse: Pink House
Shorts: Jane Marple
Waistcoat: Peace Now

I finally found some socks from a random seller on Ebay that are actually cream and black, so they match with cream blouses.

Listening to: Revenant Marquis - Taskermilward




18 . july . 2021

Dress: Victorian Maiden
Gloves: Made by me
Shoes: Demonia
Hat: Raven S.D.L

I tried out this combination of velveteen//PVC a while ago and instantly fell in love.

Listening to: Das Ich - Gottes Tod




06 . july . 2021

Dress: Spin Doctor
Waistcoat: Axes Femme

Some kind of... Victorian inspired something or other. I would have worn a petticoat but I was just entertaining guests at home and couldn't be arsed to be too foofy.

Listening to:Scarlet Room - The Machine




25 . june . 2021

Coat: Jane Marple
Dress: An Another Angelus
Satchel: Dr Martens

Buying way too many craft supplies, as usual.

Listening to: The Tragic Tantrum - Only With You




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