+ Polaire Beksinski +


Universe: DnD "Genesis" campaign

Age: 19
Nickname: Mari or Marionette
Pronouns: She/Her
Height: 5' 6"
Eyes: dark brown
Skin: Extremely pale
Hair: light blonde, almost white, extremely long
Body mods: The pointed clownish marks tattooed under her eyes, ears pierced

+ DnD Stats +

Race: Human
Alignment: Chaotic Good


+ Appearance +

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+ Personality +

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+ Portrait Gallery +

Mari and the circus ringleader, Credence

+ Bio +

Polaire was born to unknown parents, somewhere in the city Bastion. As a baby she was abducted, prized for her unusual aether power and raised by a travelling circus. The circus, established long before the collapse, has been kept alive by many generations of the Beksinski family.

Raised by these manipulative parents who brought her up to perform in the circus, she doesn't have a normal healthy sense of personal boundaries or etiquette, not knowing when it’s appropriate to use her power on other people. having only had a life in the context of performance, she's also desperate to please and entertain people. Due to the nature of her upbringing, she's immature and acts much younger than she is.

The Beksinski Circus is elusive, infamous in the slums but mysterious because they often employ memory erasing tricks to make audience members forget the show, also allowing them to better hide the kidnapped children’s identity.

Polaire was one of the clowns of the circus act, painted with pierrete makeup, her duties involving not just performing but also a worker, setting up the circus, cooking and cleaning, and most importantly looking after the next generation of kidnapped Beksinski “children”.


When the ringleader of the circus, also abducted at birth and manipulated into a performer by the parents albeit in a different way, Credence, abandoned the circus, it collapsed and the situation snowballed. Some of the older “family” were killed and many of the children escaped. The two grew up together, Credence being somewhat of a parental/big brother figure, giving Polaire the nickname Mari. Because of his adopted bad habits from his parents, he also manipulates Polaire, using her to help him steal things or as they grew up, even worse crimes, culminating in making her help him abduct children for their “parents”, attacking and ultimately torturing people.

Polaire is deluded about Credence, as if she has blinkers on, still loving him and feeling betrayed when he left. She is loyal to him even though he perpetually used her or let her down, but it only drove her to further seek approval from the only person who seemed to give her “normal” human affection. As they grew older it morphed into a somewhat romantic but still always unfulfilled relationship.