My cat, Beatrix Anka (nickname: Beebee)

D is a professional artist who does digital painting and game development for the most part, but they work in lots of mediums, including oil paint, ink, comics, textiles, sculpting, sewing, doll making, writing and more.

They are fascinated by all things dark, beautiful and morbid. They love dolls, cats, gothic and lolita fashion, collecting antiques, metal and industrial music, mushrooms, anime, nostalgic things, the Victorian era, cooking, tea, Anne Rice, erotica, old dusty things, good old Mary Jane, folklore, fantasy fiction, vampires, circus clowns, miniatures, piercings, taxidermy, stripy stockings, cute things and things that are very creepy!

D is half British, half Moroccan.

D is self taught, and currently self employed. They've got no higher art training, but they have UK A-levels: Fine Art, Film, Philosophy and Ethics. They just started doing commissions for virtual gold on Gaia Online around age 15 and everything developed from there. D was brought up painting and have known that they wanted to be a painter for as long as they can remember.

D believes wholeheartedly in optimistic Nihilism. They often prefer the villains of the story. They enjoy spending their life consuming and creating art. They always have 50 million projects in progress at any given time.

Dee is actually a nickname that was given to them around age 14. Septima was their great grandmother's name.

D doesn't think much about the future. They just wants to walk around outside in a rainstorm, or dress up cute, or eat tasty food, or smash stuff, or stand barefoot on moss. They wear their heart on their sleeve.