You wind up the dusty old music box, then open the lid.
The music entrances you, and you watch the tiny ballerina spin around and around.


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bitter ruin - gentle man

Then you stand like I’m kingdom claimed,
Your march of more,
Leaving me, love, so untamed,
Unsettled, flaming, sore.

And I’ll be your victim,
and I’ll serve your hand, love,
But I’m your reminder
You’re not a gentle man.


josef van wissem - the taste of blood [only lovers left alive]


akira yamaoka - promise (reprise) [silent hill]


akira yamaoka - never forgive me, never forget me [silent hill]


franz schubert - des mädchens klage

The oak forest roars -- the cloud-darkened skies
A maid stands alone by the shore of the sea.
The waves are smashing with might so strong
While she cries out her woe - to the gloom of the storm


bach - erbarme dich

Schaue hier, Herz und Auge
See here, before you
Weint vor dir bitterlich.
heart and eyes weep bitterly.
Erbarme dich, mein Gott.
Have mercy, my God.