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Name: Nocta
Doll type: Custom MH doll OOAK by me
Theme: A cultist priest from an alien race


Nocta is my fourth custom, and she's the first MH I've fully replaced the eyes for, a tricky process that not many people do. I don't blame them, it's extremely easy to mess up and this doll ended up taking me months and months to finish, with lots of careful measuring and waiting patiently for parts and tools to arrive in the mail.

She's wearing a tattered black cotton robe (hand sewn) and sports a sigil on her forehead. Her hair was made from scratch with wool, broken down into fibres and glued in wefts to a removable wig cap moulded to her head (stretchy fabric and PVA glue method). Her eye sockets were cut with a pen knife and replaced with plastic doll eyes with a seperate lens, meaning I could paint her eye colour underneath. I wanted to go for very alien feeling eyes, so they have no pupil, just foggy white centres with veins of red and black. There's also red and blue veins across her face to make her more wraith-like, drawn faintly in watercolour pencil. The rest of her face was painted with chalk pastel and acrylic paint, and finished off with MSC.

Her eyelashes were cut down from a pair of false lashes and glued in, BJD style. I decided not to give her eyebrows to help give her more of that mysterious look.



I really like wool for doll wigs since it's so poseable. It's extremely light but stays in whatever position you put it in, meaning it's great to make layered and choppy hairstyles. It has its downsides though. It doesn't have the uniform sheen of real hair, the ends are never quite straight, and it also sheds fibres onto stuff.

Nocta's sculpt is the MH Lagoona doll. I seriously love the light grey-blue skin and webbed hands of this sulpt! All in all she was very fun to make, and she looks very cute on my desk. I'm excited to move on to proper BJD faceups though because MH scale is absolutely tiny. (Like, her head is 3.5 cm wide)