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A collection of my images that I thought were interesting.


Standing in an arch, can't remember where though. I love old architecture.

I C U. I'm that person who wears sunglasses in all weather.

My cat Beatrix. Named after Beatrix Potter of course.

Do not leave your goth alone out in the sun for long periods of time.

Hiking in Yorkshire, the place I grew up and the landscape that feels like home.

Goth Weekend. Notice, a street behind me full of black-clad weirdos. Heaven.

The other half. Latter picture taken at Beamish, an open air museum that recreates industrial northern England in a variety of eras around the Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian period. I adore the place, I totally recommend going on a day trip there if you visit the north! (Get the rhubarb and custard boiled sweets from the Confectioners)

Stood under the arch at Whitby, a town near the place I was born. The abbey in the background and the town of Whitby were inspiration for Bram Stoker to write his novel, Dracula.

Ve vant to suck your blud!

I have an intense love of velveteen fabric. Stood in Central Arcade, an interesting little place in Newcastle, built 1906.

My taxidermied Magpie. I think Corvidae are so beautiful. I love taxidermy and I intend to collect more. Behind that, the huge H.R Giger print that's hanging above my mantlepiece, and a little silhouette portrait I made myself. There's actually matching ones for my partner and myself. I'll have to take pictures sometime.

Some of the pretty leather-bound antique books I've accumulated over the years.

Gratuitous self portrait