Left to right:
Innocent World - Classical Angels Headdress
Innocent World - Rose headdress


Left to right:
Burley Esquire
Made by me


Left to right:
Metamorphose - Lace Jabot Brooch with Rose
Made by me


Left to right:
Innocent World - Angel Rose Socks
Metamorphose - Raschel Lace socks
Innocent World - Lace top socks


Left to right:
Offbrand lace top socks
Baby the stars shine Bright - A Piece of the red Märchen OTKs
Innocent World - Fairy Tale Print OTKs


Ringlet hairpiece




Dents lace gloves


Dents fingerless lace gloves


Left to right:
Offbrand tartan tie
Peace Now


Metamorphose Raschel lace Bloomers

No idea when these are from, but I adore them, and the black pair too.


Metamorphose Raschel lace Bloomers

Lovely soft rachel lace. Raschel isn't always scratchy! Don't believe the propaganda!


Maxicimam - Cigare Cookie Drawers




Handmade by Ebay seller Blusher1UK


Lhiannan:Shee Medical Corset Leggings


Violet Fane - Asylum Tights



+ Hats +


Lion wool boater hat - my everyday hat. I'm a hat person, I love that romantic old culture of always having a hat on. This style suits me best I think.


2007 Alice and the Pirates - Mad Hatter's Hat





+ Jewelry +


Left to right: Metamorphose Strawberry Necklace, Alchemy England, Alice and the Pirates, Moi Meme Moitie, Black Peace Now, Moi Meme Moitie


Jumble of vintage or thrifted



+ Umbrellas +