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☩ skirts ☩

Metamorphose - Cat Print Skirt

This was a dream item for so long. Tartan + cats = me die.

Atelier Boz

Can't find out the name of this one but it's so cool, with a really interesting blood/rust coloured velveteen.

Innocent World - Velveteen Frill Skirt

I want the matching jacket!

Metamorphose - Gobelin Print Skirt

This was the medium length version, but I altered it to the same length as the regular version because the long version just made me feel dowdy. I absolutely adore Meta's gobelin print.

Baby the Stars Shine Bright - Frill petticoat

Such nice lace.

Metamorphose - Tiered Frill Skirt (Berry Print)

Berries!! This is as summery as my style gets.

Black Peace Now - Crown Embroidery Skirt

I kept seeing this online, hesitating, losing it and then regretting it. But she is mine now...

Metamorphose - Gingham Self Fabric Frill Tiered Skirt

I've wanted some gingham for ages. I thought the black lace on this was so cute, gingham really makes me think of summer time.

Heart-E - Angel button skirt

Maxicimam - Clair de Lune Flare Gathered Skirt

Black Peace Now

H.Naoto Steam

As you can see, there's just so much of this skirt it's hard to lay it out on the floor normally. This reminds me of like, creepy old dolls, gauze bandage, decrepit things...

Emily Temple Cute

Metamorphose - Biscuit print skirt with underskirt


Alice and the Pirates - Holiday of the Hulim Hulum Brass Band Skirt

I don't own many prints but the warm colours and the art on this just really stood out to me. I also love the circus-y feel so much.

H.Naoto Blood

This skirt is really cute, and it makes me think of visual kei style, but it takes some careful coording to not look weird and shitty. It's just got lots going on.


Comfy and casual, and also corduroy, one of my fave fabrics. It came with that matching neck tie.

Black Peace Now

This was in the 6th issue of GLB. Found it on ClosetChild for 330 yen, how crazy.


☩ shorts + trousers ☩

Metamorphose - Prince Pants (Venetian)

These are a great pair of ouji shorts all around. Flattering pleats, removeable waist ties and not stupidly small or large.

Peace Now

I love these for punky looks.

Innocent World - Velveteen Lace-up Pants

I thought these were red when I bought them, and was mildly disappointed, but I'm loving brown a lot more than I used to in the past.

Innocent World - Tenor Pants

Part of one of my favourite ever eras of EGL, IW in 2005, having the dreamiest, cutest ouji items ever.

Metamorphose - Military Pants

I really didn't know what to expect with these. I don't think Meta has ever done anything similar since this, with a thick denim-like material and cargo pockets. These are cool for casual stuff and outdoor stuff too.

Alice and the Pirates - Lucian Martin Pants

I love this tartan, but these are really oddly large around the waist. I'm ambivalent towards these shorts. I think I need to coord them a few more times before I make up my mind.

Jane Marple

The lace at the bottom of these makes me so happy.

Black Peace Now - Black Velveteen Shorts

Black Peace Now

Betty's Blue

Black Peace Now

Betty's Blue