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☩ boleros ☩

Victorian Maiden - Bolero

One of my prized posessions. This was featured in the ad in Kera where she's lying in the coffin. I love this SO much. The lace is really all over the place, I need to properly steam it all and un-mash it.

Victorian Maiden - Velveteen Frill Bolero

This was in my wishlist for so long, I'm so glad I finally got it.

Victorian Maiden - Elena Frill Chiffon Bolero

I have both bows for this but I think it looks better with only the top one.

Baby the Stars Shine Bright - Lace frill Bolero

Nice and casual. Can't go wrong with this design, and fleece is very comfy.

H.Naoto Frill

H.Naoto Frill


☩ blouses ☩

MAXICIMAM - Sweet Cake Blouse

Hover for a picture with the collar. I bought this brand new from MAM and I adore it. As soon as I tried it on I fell in love, especially with those large sleeves. It has such a pretty silhouette, and it's so versatile with the removable parts (sleeves, collar, neck ties, waist ties).

Innocent World - Crown and Lily Embroidery Blouse

I love the crowns embroidered up the panel that covers the buttons. This is my most worn blouse. I get mad because it's probably not something I can easily replace and yet I keep getting little lipstick or hair dye stains on it. >:(

Innocent World - Key Embroidery Blouse

That tiny key... So cute.


I adore the design of this, and that amazing rose lace, aaaaa!

Jane Marple

Velveteen shirt with cute little glass marbles for buttons.


This thing is so cool. It's made out of very thick fabric and there's spidery loose threads trailing from all the raw edges.

Marble - Victorian frilled blouse

I love Marble's blouse designs.

Alice and the Pirates - Prince Conrad blouse


Black Peace Now

Black Peace Now

When worn, this blouse laces up the arm neatly, it's just really hard to get it all evenly flat in a picture.

Metamorphose - Raschel lace blouse

The lace on this is lovely and soft. Raschel lace =/= scratchy.


☩ cutsews ☩

Baby the Stars Shine Bright - Sexy sailor cutsew

An unfortunate name...

Baby the Stars Shine Bright - Removable Sailor Collar Cutsew

I prefer wearing this without the collar.

Peace Now

I wear these two cutsews a tonne. The prints are so nice, and they hold up in the wash well. BPN/PN was such a damn good brand.


A 500yen bargain. I think this is just so cute.




H.Naoto Frill

Angelic Pretty - Cake Embroidery jabot cutsew

This reminds me of really old school decora, and that makes me happy. Pink x red is a great combo. I pretty much just wear this under sweaters and things for the collar.

Collectif - Dolores apple top

The best print that Collectif ever released. I wish I had the skirt and handbag too.


☩ cardigans ☩

Black Peace Now

Baby the Stars Shine Bright


Little cat faces...