+ Bags +


Black Peace Now - Rose Motif Bag


Emily Temple Cute


Peace Now


Metamorphose crown hexagon Bag + kipling monkey








Axes Femme




Bunbun bag! I've had this since I was a child...




Cath Kidston




Betty's Blue






Vintage Leather backpack with my favourite band patches


Left: Military medic bag Right: Offbrand



+ Shoes +

I'm not really a fan of lolita brand shoes, these are all random brands, but I wear them with lolita.


Dr Martens


New Rock Boots

I highly reccomend New Rocks, they're super comfortable, high quality and obviously, beautifully designed. I just want to wreck shit when I wear these. I bought these new (eek), and they were comfortable after a very short period of wearing in surprisingly. But you have to be used to heavy shoes, because it's like having bricks strapped to your feet.


Demonia Petrol 150

Patent platforms... Unf



These remind me of Violet Evergarden, I love them.


Funtasma - Victorian 120

I bought this Victorian120 style new and then about a week later found these in a charity shop, the exact same pair in my size for like 7 pounds, so typical. But they're really sturdy and I love them so it's fine. And in the end, I modified the new pair, because this pair is a slight different version with more shine, and I like that more. (probably an older release)


Funtasma - Victorian 120 (modified)

I painted this pair with taupe Angelus paint and replaced the laces. Angelus paint was surprisingly easy to use and now I want to modify some more of my old shoes! I wanted to go for an 1800s style imitation, because that style of shoe is really hard to find, *especially* in two tone black and brown. I've found black and white ones, but I think black and white is a bit too stark for boots.



I love military style boots.


Dr Martens

Classic 1460s, but these are at least 20 years old and I'll wear them until they literally fall apart. I've found similar shoes online with this flatter toe that were made in 1997, the year I was born lol. If you think they don't look 20 years old, it's just a testament to the indestructibility of Dr Martens. They've been taken care of too, repaired whenever they break, that helps.


Clarks Chinaberry Pop


Clarks Hamble Oak Oxfords


Clarks Hamble Oak Oxfords


Funtasma MaryJane 50

These are probably the only shoes that I only ever wear for photos. I don't reccommend them at all. The toe box is just weirdly pointed and too small so they're really uncomfortable even to stand in. I want some Meta heels!




Hotter Vanessa heels

These are insanely comfortable.


Ruby Shoo