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Baby, the Stars Shine Bright - Tartan Check Scalloped JSK

This was my holy grail, I'm so glad I finally got it.

Victorian Maiden - Velveteen Flare Sleeve OP

Pure velvety goodness in a dress. It's black, though the camera makes it look kind of teal.

Mary Magdalene - Velveteen Rote Rose OP

I adore this dress. It's insanely hard to photograph though, it's a complete cryptid. The slightly pinkish red, ultra saturated velveteen is impossible to capture correctly. It defies my camera.

Cornet - Velveteen Frill Lace JSk

This is one of those pieces of clothing that just fits perfectly and looks great, no effort required. Reminds me of how lolita is depicted in manga. I just love it.

Angelic Pretty - Switching Low Waist JSK

I just can't resist red tartan.

Metamorphose - Velveteen High Waist Ribbon JSK

I have the bow, but it lives in a box somewhere and I rarely wear the dress with it attached. It was featured in one of my fave pictures, that GLB ad where she's sat on the floor like a doll.

Moi-même-Moitié - Archangel Print OP

I love this print. It gets lots of hate, I just don't get it... The print doesn't extend around the back, which yeah is a bit annoying, but it's so cool it makes up for it.

Victorian Maiden - Romanesque Rose OP

The odd combo of yellow and blue really attracted me to this dress. It's just so beautiful.

Victorian Maiden - Apron Frill JSK

This was one of my dream items for a very long time. I always pictured that I'd buy it in black or red first but I'm so happy I got green in the end. Somehow this colour is just so perfect. I want more green clothes now...

Victorian Maiden - Noble Rose JSK

I love this soft gobelin fabric and deep red velvet ribbon trim.


I don't have the name of this, I just know it's an early Millefleurs piece, and it's so soft and comfy. The back has a lovely white shantung bustle and corset lacing.

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright - Corduroy JSK with Sleeves

So comfy and good.

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright - Tartan Check Ribbon Scallop Hem JSK II

This pinkXblack version of the scallop hem is so cute. Reminds me of like Avril Lavigne, 2000s, emo, hot topic shit.

Maxicimam + Putumayo

This has two tags on it. I'm clueless. Maybe there was a collaboration?

Atelier Pierrot - Soiree OP

The shantung fabric is so luxurious. This dress reminds me of Victorique from Gosick, especially with a blouse underneath.

Betty's Blue

Berries!! :D Scored this for a really low price and I just think it's so charming. Unfortunately I had to tailor it in the midsection because it was sort of tubular. That's probably why it was so cheap.

Innocent World - To the Ball Bustle JSK

But mine doesn't have a bustle?! I have no idea why. I still love it, corduroy is super under-used by brands!

Metamorphose - Regimental Stripe Print JSK (Mini Length)

This dress turned out to be surprisingly short, but I really love it! How cute is that little Meta crest...

Metamorphose - Biscuit JSK

Biscie biscie! It's so so colourful and hyperactive. I'm missing the collar, which makes me sad, but to be honest I prefer it without the collar. The white part behind the buttons is also removeable.

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright - Tartan Check Ribbon Scallop Hem JSK I

Yeah, I have two of almost the same dress, but this is a slightly different version. I got them at the same time while hunting for a red tartan scallop hem JSK. I was going to sell this, but I might not... I think for now I'll keep it around, maybe for wearing when I want the look but not to mess up the better one. Maybe I'm just hoarding.

Atelier Pierrot - Rose Garden OP

Kittens! In tophats! And gravestones! I have such a fondness for AterPie's goofy photoshoppy prints. I guess their logic is just 'more is better'. If you look closely at this print, there's a candelabra with one single tiny candle in it, for some reason... lmfao.

Alice and the Pirates - Drosselmeyer's Wonder Box Mary JSK

I'm weak for anything Drosselmeyer related, the Nutcracker ballet is ultimate childhood nostalgia for me.


From the 'Subconscious' line. I wanted this for soo long and I'm so happy I found it. It actually kind of strains my eyes to look at. The stripes are very brain-hurty.

Na+H - Gauze dress

This is a really cool piece. It's supposed to be bustled at the back, I usually use safety pins to do it.

Emily Temple Cute

I lovelovelove this neckline.

Black Peace Now

I'm in love with this dress. It reminds me of Legend of Korra, it's something that like an earthbender would wear or something.

Bodyline - Bolero Styled Tiered OP

My only Bodyline dress. I replaced the scratchy arms on the lace and now I actually quite like this as a thing to put on that can be easily machine washed for a more lazy lolita day.


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Innocent World - Tartan Check Flare Skirt + Bustier

I'm sosososo happy I got this. It was a dream item, and some of my favourite old bloggers owned this.


The jabot on the blouse is a separate piece. I got this from ClosetChild for quite a steal. It had ruching in the skirt in two places which I thought was so ugly, so I took it out and ironed it flat. There is SO much poof since the skirt has a built in petticoat. I love this set, and it can be mixed and matched with other things too.

Metamorphose - School Jacket '03 and School Skirt '05

OK technically this isn't a set since they're from different releases, but they work as a set and I bought them together. The blazer is so nice and sturdy, and I love the button detail on the skirt. (hover for picture of that)